There will be a shortage of Xbox consoles until 2022 as confirmed by Phil Spencer, director of the company owned by Microsoft

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Phil Spencer , director of the Xbox division at Microsoft , confirmed that the shortage of new Xbox consoles will last until 2022. The main reason would be the shortage of chips that plagues the technology industry, but the conflict would also be in several points of the supply chain, explained the manager.

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Spencer explained that the problem is not as simple as a simple shortage of chips or processors. He states that this situation has to do with all the parts necessary to build a console today and bring it to market.

“I think it is probably too isolated to speak of it as a chip problem ,” Spencer said in an interview with The Wrap collected by The Verge portal. “When I think about what it means to get the parts needed to build a console today and then bring it to markets where the demand is, there are several points of conflict in that process. And I think, sadly, that [the shortage] will be with us for months and months, definitely until the end of this year and until next year. “

For about 18 months, the shortage of chips, processors and other components has in check several industries, including manufacturers of cars , gadgets and smart appliances , as well as video games , where Xbox is one of the protagonists .

Released in November 2020, it has been increasingly difficult to find next-generation consoles from both Xbox ( Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ), like Sony’s PS5 , as well as graphics cards . In some areas the stock is very limited and as soon as they go on sale, they sell out quickly.

However, the Xbox director assured that what they are most concerned about is disappointing gamers, and that is why they are “working hard to bring them to market, but it will be a challenge that we will work on for quite some time.”

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