The CFO’s Guide to Unlocking Exponential Business Growth

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Many companies perceive the role of the CFO as being all about numbers—aggregating, organizing, and presenting them so that the business can make accurate decisions. But the purview of the CFO is changing.

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The modern CFO is breaking what was once more the traditional boundaries of their finance-based role to innovate and develop insight-driven strategies for growth. By using the best technologies to create the right processes and engage the right people, the CFO now leads the organization through providing vision and strategy in ways that spur exponential growth.

To uncover the strategies and tools that every financial leader should know moving into 2022 and beyond, join us for a free webinar called The CFO’s Guide to Unlocking Exponential Business Growth.

Presented by Oracle NetSuite and produced by Entrepreneur, this conversation will feature insights from two influential leaders in this space: Thomas Sutter, a career Finance Director and Controller in the Centre of Excellence, Finance and Global Solutions at Oracle Netsuite, and Chantal Schutz, the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President at mCloud Technologies Corp., a global AI growth company tackling some of the world’s most challenging energy problems. They will bring a combined 50+ years of experience and financial acumen to this webinar, moderated by Dynamic Communication author Jill Schiefelbein.

You’ll learn tips on how to unlock exponential growth, including:

  • How to juggle the traditional finance role responsibilities with the desire to create and present strategy.
  • Keys to using technology to leverage your team’s best talents and provide important data across the business. 
  • Understanding automation, where it can be added, and how to get visibility on your processes.
  • Gaining an acute awareness of who your customers are, both internally and externally, and how to best serve them.
  • Merging an operational and steward mentality with a partnering and strategy mindset as a CFO, and what that means for your team and the business.

The CFO’s Guide to Unlocking Exponential Business Growth webinar will air Thursday November 18 at 3 p.m. EST | 12 p.m. PST.

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