Hooters employees complain about new uniform saying it looks like underwear

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Hooters employees must meet certain physical attributes to get the job, they also wear revealing uniforms and have to be perfectly made up and combed. Last week they changed the shorts of the uniform and social networks were filled with complaints from the workers because they do not feel comfortable wearing it.

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These videos have had millions of views and have reignited the conversation about the restaurant‘s problematic dealings with its employees.

Lexi, a waitress, uploaded a TikTok with the phrase “These are the new Hooters panties … oh no, sorry, the new shorts.” In the video he models the garment, showing how they are not exaggerating and they are panties.


soooo hooters got new panties. i mean shorts. ## fyp ## boyaintnowayboy ## hooterstiktok ## hoot ## fyp シ## hooters

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“I love my job, but I don’t love going to work in my underwear,” said another in one of her videos.

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love my job but dont love wearing undies to work ☠️ ## hootersgirl @Kirsten 🙂

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Over the years the restaurant chain has gone through many lawsuits for different reasons. A former employee sued them for weight discrimination, another for racial discrimination. However, many of the employees refused to speak on record for fear of losing their job and some assured in their posts that they plan to continue at the restaurant.

In the Hooters statement , the spokesmen explained that the new uniform had been a collaboration with several Hooters Girls who have given rave reviews about it, as have customers. It is true that some waitresses have defended the uniforms, saying that thanks to them their tips have increased significantly. They also added that for the chain its employees are the most important thing and “they will continue to seek a way to empower the women who work for them.”

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