Do you want to export? eBay launches its second round of support for Mexican SMEs

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Do you want to export? eBay launches its second round of support for Mexican SMEs

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, eBay will

The sanitary measures necessary to stop the coronavirus pandemic made small and medium businesses face major adversities. Faced with this situation, eBay launches the second round of My business 24/7 on eBay , a platform where companies can sell online to everyone.

Need for digital commerce

The closure of non-essential businesses has caused different companies to significantly reduce their income. Faced with this situation, many businesses chose to promote their e-commerce practices, since this became their main source of income during the first months of the health crisis.

Not wanting to dabble in ecommerce is simply refusing the future of sales. That is why eBay Mexico has entered the scene by developing My business 24/7 on eBay where small and medium-sized businesses can use e-commerce as a vital tool to increase their sales.

What is My business 24/7 on eBay?

My business 24/7 on eBay a platform that allows SMEs to have their own online sales channel through eBay, with unique benefits and the possibility of exporting their products to different parts of the world in the most fluid way possible.

The advantages that include when joining this program are:

  • Business development program: Businesses that have more than 100 products to export will be able to apply for the program through this form and after receiving confirmation, they will receive eBay support for the entire process.
  • Free eBay Premium Store or Super Store – eBay will provide the store subscription level that best meets the needs of the requesting business. This store will have no cost for the first three months and they will be able to publish between 1,000 and 10,000 ads.
  • Personal manager for the development of their business: Businesses will have access to a personal manager who will work hand in hand to support them to export on eBay in the most efficient way.
  • Training program: eBay will provide you with a special training program to learn about all the platform’s features and learn about the details of each of the sales steps. From creating your account and uploading your inventory, to communicating with your buyers.
  • Higher sale limits: Increase in the limit of ads that are entitled to run, at no additional cost to allow faster growth.

Requirements to participate

All businesses that are interested in being part of “My business 24/7 on eBay” must fill out theform found here until December 31, 2021. Once completed, the application will be evaluated by a group of experts from eBay to approve or deny it, depending on the experience the company has in selling online.

A couple of examples of the requirements that will help businesses have a better chance of being selected for the program are:

  • Have more than 100 products in its catalog to export to other markets.
  • Have experience selling online, either through your own website or in other marketplaces.

Once the company is selected, it must commit to developing a business plan together with eBay in a period of six months to one year.

Even if your company is not selected to participate in My Business 24/7 on eBay, this does not exempt them from uploading their products to the marketplaces. on eBay and increase your income through that platform.

Results of the first round and investment for the second

In the first round of My Business 24/7 on eBay launched in April last year, more than 800 businesses from the aforementioned countries applied for the program. So far, more than 50% of the 800 companies that applied have been approved to begin their induction process so that they could begin to receive the unique benefits that the program offers.

Most applicants sell clothing, shoes, and accessories, but also office supplies, auto parts, and home and garden items. Thanks to these businesses that were pioneers in this program, we can say that Latin American SMEs are ready to start selling through online commerce to the whole world.

The second round of support contemplates an investment of 5 million pesos and will seek to support even more SMEs to exponentially increase their market and income.

“This second round of support for Mexican businesses seeks to create economic opportunities for them, especially for those who have faced difficulties due to the pandemic and are looking for alternatives to accelerate and expand their online sales,” said Ilya Kretov, general manager of emerging markets global eBay.

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