Adele’s new song and what it teaches us about entrepreneurship

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the first places on all platforms. Of course, her voice is spectacular and her style is undeniable. But there is something deeper in this song: a call to a universal sentiment that is echoing among people around the world.

Adele vía YouTube

The phrase “Go easy on me” does not have an exact translation. It can be translated as “treat me with care” or “treat me with affection.” In the ecosystem of the song it means “Don’t judge me so harshly” or, more colloquially “give me a chance” or “give me a chance”. For Adele, as she has said, the song is a plea that she makes to the world and to the mirror for her youthful mistakes, and the manifestation of her will to resurface.

It is worth listening to many times. What can you teach us in the entrepreneurial environment?

1. Forgive your past, be relentless with your present

We have all made mistakes. Very big errors and some, very serious. Some that we cannot redo. The world doesn’t always give us second chances.

You too have made mistakes! Me too and the people we both admire. Everybody.

Love, give me a chance
I was still a child.
I didn’t get a chance to
perceive the world around me.
I didn’t have time to choose
what i decided to do
So give me a chance.

Most of us were still teenagers when we had to choose a career path, one that was supposed to define our future. But how much do we know about life and business at 17? How much do we know about the world… and about ourselves?

Many get stuck in this mistake and regret it for years, hindering their own growth. We make mistakes and we drag that mistake until it becomes part of our personality. Perhaps we start and fail; or we start something that we can’t finish.

And then we add that flaw to our personal resume. “I am Pedro and I made a mistake in my career”, “I am Lucia and I am bad at business”, “I am Pablo and I am always wrong”. And we become paralyzed. We do not want to take new steps or take new risks. It is our survival mechanism: our failure becomes our face.

But we must give ourselves a chance.

2. Nobody judges you as much as yourself. Change the “I am not” to the “I am not yet”

We judge ourselves harshly, forgetting that tomorrow does not yet exist: it is not written. We think that our past defines our future and that everyone closes the door on us when, in reality, we ourselves have the key that opens our future projects.

I know there is hope
in these waters;
but I don’t dare to swim
When I’m drowning

We all sense that the world is full of opportunities. But we dare not look for them, because our mistakes define and anchor us. It is necessary to change the “I am not” for the “I am not yet”; the “I do not have” for the “I still do not have” and the “I can not” for the “I can not yet” and redraw our purpose. You can do it like this:

  • Don’t say, “I don’t have money.” Say “I have little money. I am not financially free yet . “
  • Do not say: “I am not rich”; Say “I haven’t learned how to invest yet. I’m not rich yet .
  • Don’t say: “I am not an entrepreneur”, say “I failed in my first business. I am not yet an entrepreneur ”.
  • Don’t say, “I am a failure.” Say: “I was wrong in my career. I’m not in my element yet . “

The reason is very simple: Errors can be corrected. What you don’t know can be learned. But what you “are” follows you forever. And, believe it or not, the way you talk about yourself to yourself and to others builds reality, because it modifies your daily decisions.

By changing “I am” to “I am not yet”, the last words of the sentence are written almost by themselves. “I am not rich” is a sentence. But “I’m not rich yet” demands a promise to yourself, which can be written between exclamation marks ” I’m not rich … but I will be one day!”

And then the judgment turns into hope. And fear turns to creativity.

3. Entrepreneurship is important. Re-undertaking is even more so

Nobody knows how much you’ve struggled. Only you. The times that you have cried of despair and the hole in your stomach when you notice that so much is missing. Nobody knows how your bills pile up at the end of the month, or how your heart lights up when you look at yours and think of everything you would want for them. Only you.

Realize that, by observing the success of others, you also do not know their full story. Like everyone else, you only see the results: the tip of a personal iceberg that we all have. You may think that everything you’ve done and worked on is invisible (and maybe it is), but don’t despair. You can throw everything away or use it to build your own iceberg .

I had good intentions
and the highest hopes
but i know right now
it probably won’t even show.

It doesn’t matter if you were wrong a thousand times. You are not today the person you were yesterday. You are a little wiser, a little older, a little wiser. You don’t know it yet, but you have in your wallet a wealth that nothing can buy: experience and hunger; two weapons that, together, are unstoppable.

Your story wasn’t written at seventeen. Neither at twenty-five nor at forty. I don’t care about your two truncated careers or your time behind bars, or the tattoo you never show. Perhaps some doors are closed, because things have their consequences. But do not waste time in what was lost and, if you forgive yourself, you can find many other doors and windows. If you can’t find them, break the wall.

As Adele says, don’t judge yourself too harshly; do not seal your sentence yet. Give yourself a chance.

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