5 skills that tech companies look for in young people

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Do you want to work in a technology company? Without a doubt, this sector arouses great interest in the new generations, whether they are millennials or centennials.

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According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Mexico has 976 thousand graduates of careers related to Information and Communication Technologies (also called ICTs). However, some 250 thousand young members of this group are unemployed or out of the exercise of their functions.

In this sense, we will share with you five skills that technology companies seek that you need to strengthen to integrate into the labor market.

According to Mercedes Pérez de Arce, Deputy Manager of Human Resources at Ecomsur Latin America , a company specialized in full- commerce and solutions for companies in digital commerce, soft skills, or soft skills, which seek to develop in young people, are:

Self-management and delivery of results

Employees in this industry (IT) prefer the remote work model (54.78%) or the hybrid format (43.24%), according to data from the IT Labor Market Report 2021.

The ability to organize, work remotely and have self-critical training is a necessity in an industry characterized by being highly flexible.

Emotional intelligence

For Ecomsur, emotional intelligence is one of the basic requirements at the time of hiring.

The ability to control, express and communicate emotions –with empathy, self-control and assertive communication–, without them becoming an obstacle to achieving objectives, is a characteristic trait in the leaders of tomorrow.


This will be a trending term for years to come.

It is about those people who take under their responsibility projects within companies, as well as the development of new business areas, implementing innovative and scalable solutions.

A large part of the competitiveness of IT companies and the ability of businesses to scale over time will fall on these profiles.

Cultural openness

Startups in the IT sector are the companies that can access the international market the fastest. Faced with this context, companies will look for profiles capable of interacting with other cultures and with great openness to diversity.

Adaptation to change

What is least needed in the IT industry are profiles prone to seeking a comfort zone within the organization.

“These companies advance along with technology, and there is nothing that transforms faster than that,” explains the Ecomsur specialist. Therefore, flexibility to change will be an important element in the profiles of marketing, IT, as well as in leadership positions within the sector.

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